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Turtle Head, Med Hen & Little Turtle Head - Waverly, Illinois

Glen, Jane & John Suttles

MA & Pa Kettle - Toppenish, Washington

By Brushstroke JL No.0-5
God Bless Our America

Big J, Little J & The Boys - Toppenish, Washington

Mama Cat #15

Popcorn & Hoppy - Mississauga, Ontario (XM42-23349)

Lynn & Fred

Johnny Rebel & Chicken Hawk - Webb, Mississippi

Runnin’ Bare #119

The Paymaster - Spokane, Washington

Uncle Wormy - Detroit, Michigan

Hope this gets to you alright. The address doesn’t seem complete to me. All the good ones your way. May the good Lord smile upon you.
Vernard C. Manis Jr. - Uncle Wormy
Uncle Wormy #732

Super Snooper & Cook - Hoquiam, Washington

The Westbrooks - Baker, Louisiana

QSL cards have been used by Citizen Band (CB) radio folks for many years to indicate that they have talked together on a certain radio frequency, date and time.

The Ice Man - New Waterford, Nova Scotia

Nighthawk - Seattle, Washington

Saucerman - Mt. Vernon, Washington

The Wolftrapper & Cookie Sheet - Vienna, Virginia

Mark Carle - San Antonio, Texas

Pot Licker & White Wine